Cultural Tips

For your trekking convenience, we suggest that you read along with the following cultural tips: Knowing the local habits must be one of your best friends when traveling.

  • Do
  1. Smile and great people, especially elders.
  2. Shake hands gently.
  3. Be sure to sit at the same level as other people.
  4. Be polite to each other.
  5. Use only the right hand to eat and hand objects or money to someone.
  6. Accept hospitality and food; you don’t have to eat and drink.
  7. Dress modestly. Women should keep their upper arms and other things covered.
  8. Bend down and walk around seated people when you need to pass.
  9. Say good-bye and thank you when you leave.
  • Don’t
  1. Enter houses, buildings, or villages without being invited.
  2. Wear shoes inside a house.
  3. Point at people with your finger. Don’t ever use your foot on people.
  4. Point the bottom of your feet directly at people while sitting on the floor.
  5. Touch anyone’s head.
  6. Step over people or food on the floor.
  7. Eat with your left hand, or use your left hand to give or accept an object or money.
  8. Raise your voice, especially in anger.


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